26 settembre 16:16  |  English Edition

Rome, September 26 – The Italian-American film director Jonas Carpignano, 33, got drunk “as a preventative measure” after hearing the news that his latest film has been nominated to represent Italy at the Oscars. “I celebrated until dawn with my gypsies. We drank, we danced the ‘tarantella’ and took Saint Cosmas and Damian on parade,” he told . “This is a very important celebration here in Calabria and I have not missed it for the past four years,” he added. “The news of my nomination to represent Italy at the Oscars makes me very happy. Of course I was hoping for this. Now I’ll continue getting drunk.” His film ‘A Ciambra’, after being presented in the Cannes Film Festival’s Quinzaine, has been in cinemas since August 31. The film is entirely set in the Roma community in Italy’s southern Reggio Calabria region. “(Producer) Martin Scorsese,” he added, “congratulated me. He is rooting for me and we hope that this helps this film on its long road ahead, which has only just begun.”