15 marzo 14:07  |  English Edition

Naples, March 15 – Naples finance police on Wednesday executed 69 arrest warrants in relation to a probe into the Zagaria faction of the infamous Casalesi clan of the Camorra mafia. Politicians and entrepreneurs were among the people arrested. They are accused of crimes including corruption, bid rigging and external participation in mafia association. Among those arrested were a Campania regional councillor, Pasquale Sommese of the New Centre Right party, who is a former Campania tourism chief; and Aversa Mayor Enrico De Cristofaro. Also arrested were the former mayor of Pompei, Claudio D’ Alessio, and the former mayor of San Giorgio a Cremano, Domenico Giorgiano. Police said the arrested, including local-government administrators, public officials, businessmen, university professors, accountants, engineers and ‘wheeler-dealers’, were guilty of “very serious irregularities” concerning public contracts in various provinces of Campania. “There was a ‘white-collar system’ to steer tenders,” said police.